Where creatives meet.

Mersi was built to bring the right people together with opportunity to showcase what makes you beautifully, unabashedly you.

Our Story

I get it. I’ve used directories, hashtag searches and even word of mouth to find beauty services that complimented my style. I’ve struggled to find a platform where ground breaking creatives connect. Out of conviction, I took these conversations to create a marketplace for under-the-radar beauty professionals.

Years in the making—Mersi was inspired by the act of mercy—a response of grace and understanding. This helps us see creatives and clients for who they really are while creating connections that empower the next generation of innovators.

It might be hair, it might be nail art, it might be your Saturday night style. Whatever it is, you want to share it with people who get it. To work with people who are as imaginative and excited and culturally connected as you are.

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Our community of next generation collaborators.

A platform for finding beauty pros who really get you.

Setting a new standard

Mersi sets a new standard for under-the-radar beauty pros. We have an extraordinary ability to spot and nurture potential. Our greatest gift is helping people believe in — and invest in — their own.

A conversation on the creative

Designed for ambitious, forward-thinking beauty professionals and clients who are looking for a pro to realize their personal style and vision. A conversation on the Creative, a reflection of their talent.

Reimagining the process of discovery

There's an intention behind the beauty. We’re not focused on social hierarchy but dedicated to building long-term collaborations.

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Reviews Are In

Mary Anne Jo

Shianne has been meticulous in bringing this platform to the collective. That moment you experience what you never knew you need... this is that!

Bryianah Edwards